The CSTC Pathways Agreement Explained: What It Means for Community Colleges and Students

The CSTC (California State University, Chico) Pathways Agreement is a game-changer for community college students in California who are looking to transfer to a four-year university. Signed in 2018, the agreement streamlines the transfer process for students who plan to attend CSU Chico by creating clear pathways for specific majors.

Under the CSTC Pathways Agreement, community college students who successfully complete the required courses within their major and meet other eligibility criteria are guaranteed admission to CSU Chico. This means that students can plan their courses with confidence, knowing that they can transfer to CSU Chico and continue their education without any uncertainties.

The agreement covers a range of majors, including Agriculture, Construction Management, Criminal Justice, Engineering, Health Science, Kinesiology, Nursing, and more. Each major has its own set of required courses that students must complete to meet eligibility requirements for admission.

The CSTC Pathways Agreement is designed to simplify the transfer process for community college students and increase the number of students who successfully transfer to a four-year university. By creating clear pathways and guaranteed admission, the agreement helps students feel more confident and supported in their academic journey.

In addition to benefiting students, the agreement also benefits community colleges by providing a pathway for students to transfer to a specific university. This helps community colleges retain students who might otherwise transfer to other universities, which can have a significant impact on enrollment and funding.

Overall, the CSTC Pathways Agreement is a win-win for community college students and universities. By creating a clear and supportive pathway for transfer, it helps more students achieve their academic goals and provides universities with a diverse and talented student population.

If you`re a community college student in California, be sure to ask your academic advisor about the CSTC Pathways Agreement and how it can help you achieve your academic goals. With a little planning and dedication, you can take advantage of this game-changing agreement and transfer to CSU Chico with confidence.